What really is re-marketing?? Just a marketing tool used by companies or a way to stalk??

Re-marketing is a feature that lets you target customers who have previously visited your website, while they browse others. It targets people who perhaps left without purchasing from your website, leaving you ability  to reconnect with potential customers again.

This YouTube Video explains in detail exactly what re-marketing is, and how it is achieved.

Every  website uses the technique of re-marketing, as it is seen as very effective and can draw potential customers, it is done without most customers even realising that they have been drawn in by it. How many times has someone asked you where did you see something advertised?? Thinking back, have you just figured out that it was all based on re-marketing. Here is a link with examples of how effective re-marketing can be, and how re-marketing can create more income for a company than expected.

An Example of Re-marketing!

An Example of  the 3 network re-marketing!

But the question is. . .  is Re-marketing just a useful marketing tool or is it cyber stalking?

A lot of people find it very creepy seeing these ads,  they don’t like that element of stalking. Miss-guided are common website that use re-marketing, if you have just been on their website and switch to YouTube, it is likely there will be a miss-guided ad there. Is this a clever way of bringing people to your website though, it is a known fact that most people, don’t like to be pressured into a decision, they like to be in control, so are these techniques too much or are websites actually pushing  customers away by re-marketing.

Personally i think re-marketing is a very useful marketing tool, certain websites might push it a bit too much, but if re-marketing is done correctly, it can be very beneficial to a company. I know i have clicked on those adverts more than once without even thinking about what i was doing, so why wouldn’t others.

Whats your opinion??

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Snapchat…. just a fad?

Is Snapchat only a phase… OR is it in it for the long run!?!

For those very few people who may not have heard of snapchat yet, It is an app that can be got for smartphones and tablets, you take a picture of either yourself or something else and you can send it onto friends, who can only see the picture for a few seconds, and then it’s gone. It’s a good idea right, well that is unless, you have the unfortunate situation where your friend is fast enough to screenshot your picture!! 😦

This is a detailed description of exactly what you need to know, especially if you are a parent and your child has this app.

The snapchat logo

The snapchat logo

Snapchat burst into this social media world,  it became a huge success from the get go, but the question is will it be around for long or will it just fizzle out, like many other crazies we’ve seen in the past. Personally i think Snapchat is here for the long run, whatever way you look at it people will always have something to send to others, weather its a silly picture of themselves or an unusual situation around them.

As a Snapchat user, i can say that this app is fun and yeah you can’t help but get drawn into it at times, those moments when your phone lights up, an you can’t help but hit the button to see what you’ve been sent. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when you just get bored of it, lets be fair there is only so many times you can get excited to see a selfie (A picture taken by yourself) of your friend, their pets or their food.

There is a lot of talk in the social media recently, that snapchat will take over texting, yes for most it is used as a way of communicating, but i don’t think it will ever replace texting!! Texting is too valuable to ever fully disappear!!

This article, shows in detail how snapchat has advantages and disadvantages against the other main forms of communications these days, like Facebook or texting.

So in my opinion, for those of you that don’t have snapchat yet, get it. Everyone needs to at least experience it, to see what the hype is about. Snapchats not going anywhere anytime soon so my advice to ye, keep practicing yer shocked faces, duck faces and any other “attractive” faces you can think of. 🙂

Check out this video, it has everything you will ever need to know about using snapchat, and why it has become so popular.

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