What really is re-marketing?? Just a marketing tool used by companies or a way to stalk??

Re-marketing is a feature that lets you target customers who have previously visited your website, while they browse others. It targets people who perhaps left without purchasing from your website, leaving you ability  to reconnect with potential customers again.

This YouTube Video explains in detail exactly what re-marketing is, and how it is achieved.

Every  website uses the technique of re-marketing, as it is seen as very effective and can draw potential customers, it is done without most customers even realising that they have been drawn in by it. How many times has someone asked you where did you see something advertised?? Thinking back, have you just figured out that it was all based on re-marketing. Here is a link with examples of how effective re-marketing can be, and how re-marketing can create more income for a company than expected.

An Example of Re-marketing!

An Example of  the 3 network re-marketing!

But the question is. . .  is Re-marketing just a useful marketing tool or is it cyber stalking?

A lot of people find it very creepy seeing these ads,  they don’t like that element of stalking. Miss-guided are common website that use re-marketing, if you have just been on their website and switch to YouTube, it is likely there will be a miss-guided ad there. Is this a clever way of bringing people to your website though, it is a known fact that most people, don’t like to be pressured into a decision, they like to be in control, so are these techniques too much or are websites actually pushing  customers away by re-marketing.

Personally i think re-marketing is a very useful marketing tool, certain websites might push it a bit too much, but if re-marketing is done correctly, it can be very beneficial to a company. I know i have clicked on those adverts more than once without even thinking about what i was doing, so why wouldn’t others.

Whats your opinion??

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