Why businesses should blog!!

Businesses’ if your not blogging you’re missing out!!!

Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that businesses have to engage with customers, they ultimately make their lives easier. It has been seen that blogs are boring and not effective enough for businesses to use, but that’s not true. Most businesses use Facebook and twitter to share their information, updates on the business and any news, as it has an immediate response, and businesses can get a reaction, but if customers don’t see these post straight away, they miss out! 😦

Blogging isn’t very technical, it is actually quiet easy. It is an effective way for a business to market long term to their customers, blogs can be planned out and can be aimed in a certain way to attract customers attention. Have a  look at this link to see why having a blog is essential for a business. This website gives you 19 reasons why businesses should be blogging.


Blogging can create a stronger bond between a customer and the business, as from having a weekly blog customers can see your commitment to the the business and to keeping good relationships with its customers!

For a business, a blog is an ideal tool to gain attention to their growing business. It is an opportunity for a business to be creative, voice their real opinions on different situations, or product that the may be involved with. The more creative a blog is, the more it will keep customers engaged in the business. Check out this website , to see 10 examples of blogs that might stimulate your creativity, and improve your business. 🙂

Businesses’ should be blogging as it serves as a platform for communicating between them and their customers, and potential customers. It’s a solid base to discuss issues, problems and questions, as some customers don’t feel comfortable discussing problems or asking questions on social media, like Facebook and twitter. This Youtube video, will tell you step by step why businesses’ should be blogging and what benefits they will gain from blogging. The detailed video goes through step by step of how blogs along with the other methods of social media, actually create the face of the business.

Finally by having a blog for your business you may have a competitive advantage against other businesses. If your company is giving detailed weekly updates, compared to a business that only posts a random comment few months, well i know how a fact which business i’d be looking to work with. Here’s an example of a facebook page that don’t update their page as often as they should, showing how a business with a blog would have a competitive advantage in this situation.

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