Top Tips for Facebook Newbies..!

Top Tips for setting up a successful Facebook page. 😀

1. You should always customize your URL!!

  • In most cases your URL, is the first thing a customer will notice so, make it something memorable and catchy. Don’t just leave it be, because your unique URL,  could be just what brings people back. Check out this creative examples. . . .This article will give you great examples of how other business created unique URL’s for their business page’s.

2. Make sure your profile picture and your cover photo are identifiable and relevant to your business and it’s image.

  • Having a random picture up, won’t make potential clients want to click on your link, because although that picture of the puppy may be cute, and the end of the day it in no way looks professional and has nothing to do with your business. Your profile picture should be easily identifiable from a glance.

Have a look at these do’s and don’t, it’s a list of things that should and shouldn’t be done when picking a profile picture and cover photo for your Facebook business page!

3. Ensure that the tone of your page is appropriate for your target market!

  • Use humor in appropriate ways, to engage customers but don’t push it too far. If the content of your page is inappropriate or not relevant to your market,  know that it won’t take your customers two seconds to unlike your business page.  Would you really want to lose customers from your page just because the information you are sharing isn’t of the right tone…. i don’t think so!!

Here’s an example, this article that can help you to avoid getting distracted, it will show you what i mean about not begin the right tone. Holiday photo’s, Picture’s of your pets and Statuses of how good your night out was, isn’t what customers want to hear, so keep them for your personally account 🙂

4. Respond to all comments.

  • However ridiculous you may think a comment is, you should always respond. Let your customers know that you are available to discuss issues and that you are always listening. By responding to comments it shows your customers that they are your main priority at all times. It will make them feel more valued, and more likely to interact with the business and brand again.

5. Post regularly!!

  • By not having a regular pattern of posting things on your page you present a negative image. Not posting enough. Business’ that post something every hour will more than likely start to annoy their followers. If you plan to post once or twice a week, with useful interesting information, your customers will remain happy and will continue to visit your page.
Keeping fans happy, by showing love!

Keeping fans happy, by showing love!!

Have a look at this YouTube video, to see why your Facebook page might stink!!

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